C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e SR331254/02
SF990801 (CAN)
Old Man Rivers Rebel-Buff Turner's Lolita Pure Gold-Bf Turner's Nek's Finest Lace-Silver Ch. Coolen's Nek's Mad Fantasy, CD-Bf Turner's Corey Silver Bullet-Silver REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: SR57454504 BREED: COCKER SPANIEL COLOR: Silver Buff BIRTH DATE: 06/19/2009 SEX: M ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: Signal's Trading Places-Bf BREEDER(S): George & Natasha Mandara OWNER: Diane M. Signorelli CO-OWNER: Jawat's Karate Ch. Jawat's Latin Lover-Red SM 842801/02
SN 106733/01
CH. Show Me Hu-Mar's Steel Magnolia Ch. Jawat's Old Man River-Black SN 469231/02
AKC & SKC Ch. Marjohn's Solo Cadet - B/T Jawat's Bomb-Fire-B/T SF 928433
SN 167714/01
Ch. Jawat's Copacabanna-B/T SF 416304
Ch. Forjay's Regal Soul Man Ch. Forjay's Soul Sensation-B/T SM997258/01
Ch. Disney's Nevada Pleases Me Shalimar's Ellie Ellie Ellie-B/T SN647837/04
Weston's Black Label-Black Shalimar's Cameo Signal SN 025375/01
SN 463967/02
Ch. Signal's Just A Kountry Queen - Buff SN 210178/01
Ch. Mardons Diamond Dust-Bf Ch. Jo-Bea's Diamond Trader-Bf SM84693903
Ch. Jo-Bea's Sunny Side Up-Bf Ch. Winelight Wine Tradaer-Bf SN90836401
AKC DNA #V356090
AKC DNA#V63324
Ch. Forjay's Soul Sensation-B/T R-Cllassi Winelights Wine Not-Silver SM997258/01
R-Classi Southern Star-Black SN24727903
Ch. Artru Ambush-Bf Ch. Larmaro's Moonstruck-Bf SN28433101 (CA
AKC DNA#P10215
Turner's Moonlit Lace-Silver Ch. Larmaro's Aiming For The Gold-Bf SR18016301
SN65529502 I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Date
AKC DNA#V63324