C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e SE 687477
ASC Permanently clear
Tattoo # SC07
9 points-no majors
SB 137963
ASC Permanently clear
SC 609993
ASC Permanently clear
Tattoo SH 04 Died 2/3/94
Ch. Shalimar's Accolade, C.D. - Black Jawats Moonlight - Buff Ch. Artru Fancifull - Buff Ch. Artru La Tocca Cutlass - Buff Ch. Artru All Fancy - Red REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: SF 359502 BREED: COCKER SPANIEL COLOR: Black BIRTH DATE: 06/15/1988 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tattoo SC 06
ASC Permanently clear
Signed: Signal's Full House - Black BREEDER(S): Diane M. Signorelli OWNER: CO-OWNER: Ch. Lurola's Royal Lancer Ch. Shelbyshire's Citation SB 369752
Ch. Dolly's Certainly Something Ch. LanJay's Honorable Mention - B/T SB 847531
Ch. Heatherlane Hyperion Shelbyshire's Something Else SB 662651
Shelbyshire's Spinaway Ch. Twyneff Top Of The Mark Ch. Najawill Lone Ranger - R/W SA 816380
Orient's Plenty Of Pleasure Ch. LanJay's Second Tri Me Too - Tri SB 163601
Ch. Evdon's Extrovert Land J's Smarti-Parti My Jo - R/W SB 103413
Ch. Smarti-Parti Sugar Pie Tri, CDX Ch. Shannondale Safari Ch. Butch's Kountry Boy - Black SB 151566
Ch. Hayday Ducat - Buff Am. & Venz. Ch. Gladyan's Kountry Whiz - Black SD 214548
SC 118329
ASC Permanently clear
SB 768353
Ch. Artru Getaway, C.D. - Buff Ch. Cobb's Moonglo - Buff SB 391712
SC 634714
Ch. Cobb's Pale Moon - Buff SC 149175
Ch. Artru Red Baron - Red Ch. Artru Skyjack - Buff SB 13955
ASC Permanently clear
Died 7/85
SA 546456
ASC Permanently clear
Jawat's Fancy Girl - Buff Ch. Artru Tinket SD 969497
SC 871215
SC 177000 I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Date