C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e SF 576738
SB 593432
ASC Permanently Clear
SA 911680
SE 614693
Permanently clear
Ch. Dal-Mar N' Touche's Make My Day - R/W AKC & SKC Ch. Shalimar's In Demand-B/W Ch. Shalimar's Olympaid, C.D. - R/W Ch. Samtam's Standing Ovation - R/W Smarti-Parti Lucky Star - R/W REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: SM 958104/03 BREED: COCKER SPANIEL COLOR: Black and White BIRTH DATE: 01/11/1992 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tattoo SC01 Signed: Shalimar's Makin' My Day - B/W BREEDER(S): MaryAnn Meekins OWNER: Diane M. Signorelli CO-OWNER: Margon's Heads Or Tails - B/W Ch. Dal-Mar's Double Dealer - B/W SD 419473
Kane Venture Meadow Lark - B/W Ch. Dal-Mar's Billy Jack - B/W SD 77128
Ch. Rexpointe Shazam - B/W Bancu Faith & Begorrah - R/W SC 616077
Ch. Skyp-Mitz Snow Princess, C.D. -B/W Ch. Rexpointe Flying Dutchman - B/W Ch. Signature Solitare - B/W SA 680453
ASC Permanently clear
Ch. Regalia's Tell Tail Twirl - B/W Ch. Dal-Mar's Don't Eat The Daisies Ch. Rexpointe Renegrade - R/W Mo Master's First Lady - R/W Hi Point's Smooth As Silk - R/W Ch. Dal-Mar's Billy Jack - B/W Ch. Terje's Thunderbolt - B/W SD 77128
Ch. Swank's Short N' Sweet - R/W Ch. Shalimar's In Command - B/W SE 964935
SD 991317
SC 314059
Ch. Andmor's Double Distinctive - R/W Ch. Shalimar's Soft Touch - R/W SC 265546
ASC Permanently clear
SD 842336
ASC Permanently Clear
Tattoo SH 02
Ch. Shalimar's Devastation, C.D. - R/W SC 779130
ASC Permanently clear
Ch. Rexpointe Kojak - B/W Ch. Kamp's Kaptain Kool - R/W SC 229362
ASC Permanently Clear
AKC Permanently clear
Shalimar's Show Girl - R/W Ch. Meriwin's Merry Miss - R/W SC 961267
Died - 3/27/91
SB 998374
Died 11-18-88
SB 384983 I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Date