C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e SM 764467/03
SM 242554/06
ASC Permanently Clear
Tattoo SC 03
ASC Permanently clear
Ch. Signal's Perfectly Willing - Buff Merri-Pat's Signal To D-K's REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: BREED: COCKER SPANIEL COLOR: BIRTH DATE: 00/00/0000 SEX: M ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: Ch. Signal's DK's Mrt. Olympia-Bl BREEDER(S): Dorothy Koman Diane M. Signorelli OWNER: CO-OWNER: Ch. Ashley's Golden Rule Ch. Kamp's Silversmith Manor's Iona Ch. Pett's Always Perfectly Me - Buff SD 551764
ASC Permanently clear
Ch. Kapewood's Coty Ch. Pett's Ooh La La Pett's Nifty Lady Am. & Venz. Ch. Gladyan's Kountry Whiz - Black Am. & Venz. Ch. Shalimar's Kountry Gold - Silver SD 214548
SE 377090
ASC Permanently clear
ASC permanently clear
Tattoo SH 11
Shalimar's Amy Of Mimor - B/T Ch. Signal's Tribute To Shalimar - Buff SF 153795
ASC Permanently Clear
SD 560525
Am. & Venz. Ch. Gladyan's Kountry Whiz - Black Jawats Moonlight - Buff SD 214548
SE 687477
ASC Permanently clear
Tattoo # SC07
9 points-no majors
Jawat's Fancy Girl - Buff SD 969497
Ch. Pineshadow's Brass Tax B/T SE 815947
Pineshadow's Silver Savannah - Buff SE 568588
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